Trent Vineyard Talks

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Ollie Ryan 21st December 2014

Good News of Great Joy

Ollie has a look at the Christmas story and how it really is 'good news of great joy for all people.'

Trent Vineyard 14th December 2014

Trent Carol Service2014

John Wright 30th November 2014

On fire in the Spirit

Sharing from his own experience and that of others, John encourages us to "be on fire in the Spirit as you serve the Lord". Romans 12:11 (CEB)


Canon Andrew White 16th November 2014

Guest Speaker - Canon Andrew White - a.m.

Canon Andrew White talks about the suffering of his people in Iraq, and the joy that is to come.

Canon Andrew White 16th November 2014

Guest Speaker - Canon Andrew White - p.m.

Canon Andrew White tells some of his own story, and reminds us that Jesus loves us no matter what.

John Wright 9th November 2014

Giving: The Overflow of Grace - part 2 of 2

Unpacking 2 Corinthians Chapter 9, John looks at the dynamic of sowing and reaping, and the attitude of cheerful giving.


John Wright 2nd November 2014

Giving: The Overflow of Grace - part 1 of 2

Opening up 2 Corinthians chapter 8, John encourages us to overflow with the grace God has so abundantly poured out upon us.

John Wright 19th October 2014

Healing - part 2

In this talk John looks at healing as an expression of the Kingdom of God and encourages us to realise the authority over sickness which has been entrusted to us.

John Wright 12th October 2014

Healing - part 1

With a great couple of live stories, John unpacks our call to heal the sick and explains a simple way to approach ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.


John Wright 21st September 2014

Word of Knowledge

Following the talks on prophecy, John unpacks another of the gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12, looking at what the gift achieves and how one receives it.

John Wright 31st August 2014

Prophecy - part 2

In this talk John looks at how The Lord speaks prophetically to us through things we see, both in the natural and in our mind's eye.

John Wright 17th August 2014

Prophecy - part 1

Paul exhorts us in his first letter to the Corinthian church to 'be eager to prophesy'. In this talk John opens up some of the ways God speaks which are accessible to every believer.


John Wright 6th July 2014

The Gospel - Part 3 - Its Outworking

In this, the last in the series, John looks at the ongoing impact of the Gospel in our lives and further afield.

John Wright 29th June 2014

The Gospel - Part 2 – Good News

Beginning with the problem of separation from God, John unpacks what God did through His Son on the cross to enable us to know Him intimately.

John Wright 15th June 2014

The Gospel part 1 – The Story of the Gospel

Based in the first five verses of Paul's letter to the Romans, John looks at the foundational, unique, comprehensive, Christ-centred story of the gospel into which we are invited to embed our lives.


John Wright 25th May 2014

A Sent People

Jesus told his disciples "that they might be with him and that he might send them out" (Mark 3:14). His invitation to come to him was to everyone, and his call to each of us who have responded is to go.

John Wright 4th May 2014

Living life God's way

Expounding passages from the Message translation in Ephesians and Galatians, John unpacks Paul's exhortations to live the kind of life God created us for, and the 'open secret' which empowers our efforts.

John Wright 13th April 2014

The 'Hour' of the Cross

Following the account in John's gospel, this talk brings out the reality of Jesus' divinity and amazing authority in implementing God's plan to save us.


John Wright 6th April 2014

The Triumph of the Cross

In the lead up to Good Friday, John unpacks the victory Jesus achieved through His one perfect sacrifice.

John Wright 23rd February 2014

Vision 2014

John reviews the past year with stories and new videos celebrating what the Lord has done among us and talking about the emphases for the coming year.

John Wright 19th January 2014

The Meaning of Life

In this talk John opens up the book of Ecclesiastes, addressing the symptoms of not knowing the purpose and meaning of life, and lands with the answer to people's greatest question.


John Wright 12th January 2014

Why be part of the Church?

John talks about the most precious thing in the world – the Church of Jesus Christ – and unpacks five benefits of belonging to a local church family.

John Wright 1st December 2013

Treasure: Part 4 - The Blessings of Generosity

In this final talk in the series John unpacks some of the ways in which God blesses generous people, with a couple of film clips and some amazing stories.

John Wright 24th November 2013

Treasure: Part 3 - Giving back to God

John answers the questions, "of all God entrusts to us is there a Biblical guideline on how much we should give back to God?" and "Now that we are freed from the law, what does giving under grace look like?"


John Wright 10th November 2013

Treasure: Part 2 - Who owns 'our' treasure?

While on one level we know that God owns everything and entrusts treasure to us to steward, John opens up 'the parable of the bags of gold' and helps us apply it in practice.

John Wright 3rd November 2013

Treasure: Part 1 - Where is our treasure?

In this first talk in the series John looks at Matthew 6: 19-24, encouraging us to 'store up treasures for yourselves' - but to store it up in the right place.

John Wright 13th October 2013

Unity - Part 2 of 2

John focuses in on unity within the church and encourages us to make every effort in our relationships.


John Wright 29th September 2013

Unity - Part 1 of 2

Unpacking the rich word-pictures in Psalm 133, John encourages us to live together in unity with other churches and within our own.

Rick Warren 4th August 2013

How We're Getting Through

The message on Sunday 4th of August was an edited version of Rick & Kay Warren's talk 'How We're Getting Through' given the previous Sunday at their own church following the tragic death of their youngest son. The full talk can be accessed at

John Wright 28th July 2013

The Apostle Paul

John looks at the Apostle Paul, whose goal was to please God as an ambassador of Jesus, encouraging us to keep going in hard times.


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